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That's why they call it standby -- you stand there going "Bye!"

Greetings once, for those of you that don't know me...I LOVE Seinfeld, so I always love a chance to use a reference to the show (even tho my Seinfeld references are wasted on about 98% of my friends) so while I was sitting around the airport yesterday for a good 9 hours before I could catch my connecting flight, this episode of Seinfeld popped in my head, just the stand-up portion Jerry always does either before or after the episode...and it goes a lil something like this:

 Jerry: But I have to admit, I like flying. I like those little bathrooms that they have on the plane. It's kind of like a small apartment of your own on the plane. You go in, you close the door, the light comes on. It's like a small surprise party every time you go in there. The worst way of flying, I think is "standby", you ever fly standby? It never works, you know, that's why they call it standby-- you stand there going ``Bye!'' So I was on this flight where the flight attendant-- it was her first day on the job so they didn't have a uniform for her yet, and that really... makes a big difference, I mean this is just some regular person coming over to you going ``Would you mind bringing your seat back all the way up?'' It's like, ``Who the Hell are you?!''

So anywho, on with my story...sometimes standby works perfectly and you make all of your scheduled flights (like last time), but sometimes, u get bumped from 3 flights and start to think you're going to have to spend the night on an airport bench like a homeless person. So..for those of you that don't know..this is how standyby works...I got my ticket to Newark at a discount bc a family friend works for US Airways. So standby passengers take empty seats on flights that weren't sold. sounds purty good, right? The catch comes in..even tho I may have booked my flight way before anyone else. anyone that works for the airline or is actually a direct relative of an employee can come in at anytime and get on my flight before I do. Seniority system... I knew it would be a gamble, especially flying on a Friday, so I just told my mom it would be a little "adventure." But, I quickly became irritated, drained, and ready for the "adventure" to come to a screeching hault --thank God for tequila! It wouldn't have been so bad if all of the food, drinks, everything in the airport wasnt skyhigh in terms of cost. I got a sausage, egg and cheese biscuit combo from airport Bojangles for ONLY almost $6. Freakin creeps... Luckily for me I was blessed to eventually get on a flight to Newark so I can finally see my dad, before I spent my entire last paycheck on airport food and drinks. that I've vented about yesterday..updates --> Humm, got my dental clearance and my staging packet (via e-mail)..yaay! Staging in gonna be in Arlington, VA..I was disappointed, but excited nonteheless. I know ur tired of reading bc i'm tired of tyipng, so..until next time!


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