Confessions of an Undercover Gringa


Crunch time- I sure hope I can get out this bed

Just an update...This has been a fun-filled last couple of weeks. I got back from visiting my dad...went to Carowinds...went to Charleston...went hiking in the pouring rain at Hanging Rock State Park yesterday. Just a little over two more weeks left and there's still some things I wanna try to squeeze into this time. Tubing will be done before I depart...and swimming lessons(its looking bleak)...dinner at Vintage 301 and shrimp and grits from Ganache...learning to crochet...and the beer fest! I need to get all of these forms together to have filled out for staging and before staging. I have homework to do-- shit---I think I have some due tomorrow. Unfortunately I don't foresee it being an easy transition back to being a student and working long poor lazy bones.  Mostly I need to get my stuff from everybody's house and throw my junk in one central location and start packing. Hut-warming party on the 7th, so I'm gonna try to see everybody there and lay low for the next week so I can get all my last minute task together. Times a ticking... unbelievable!


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