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It's Somewhat Officially Official!

MOOD: Excited! hungry
TIME: 10:49 am 3/4/10
CIRCUMSTANCES: chilly outside, but warm in here, sitting in my roomies room on his computer and he's laying here snoring..tisk tisk smh..he needs to get his booty up so we can go get pancakes at IHOP!

Yaay..I can finally stop procrastinating on my blog and lay down my first entry in a new chapter of my life. (Of course while i'm doing this I'm procrastinating on doing something else more important I'm sure) I received my invitation to Peace Corps in Panama yesterday. Double YAAY!! I was nominated to the Environmental Health Program and my job title is Environmental Health Extentionist. (Humm..spell check is flagging this word..probably bc it doesnt really exist..yep..they made it up just for me and my new job bc i'm that freakin awesome..uh huh!) I dunno what an extentionist is yet, but I'm soon to find out and I'll let you know too ;) I also received several books of info to read as well as MORE forms to fill out and return. I STILL have to get these wisdom teeth yanked out, apply for a special peace corp passport, get pics taken for my visa, update my resume and work on my new and improved aspiration statement...which i will include for you to view eventually.   


MDW said...

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MDW said...

Where did you get this template?

Kevin White said...

Hey Whitney,

It's good to hear from someone else. I hope your preparations are going good as well. Do you know of a Facebook/Yahoo/Listserv group that has been started for this PC group? I've spoken with other RPCV, and they stated that they had a group formed prior to coming together. Also, do you know how many volunteers are in our group?

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